ZumSpot 3.5 awesome little HotSpot!


After recently purchasing a Shark RF OpenSpot 3 and having very disappointing experience with both the product itself and the support offered I decided to try the ZumSpot 3.5 from HRO.

The ZumSpot does not have an integrated battery unlike the OpenSpot but this is not a consideration for myself as the primary use case is at home.  If I want to operate mobile I can bring a USB battery with me to power the ZumSpot.

Software on the ZumSpot is opensource community driven pi-star which I have found to be easy to use, well supported through its Facebook group and forum.

The ZumSpot 3.5 has a small LCD display showing which reflector you are linked to, including the frequency the ZumSpot is running on.

I have found the display rather useful when I am not logged in to the local web server running on the ZumSpot itself.

I am very impressed with how well the hot spot is working and how easy it was to setup.

The manual can be found here for those that are interested in reading more.

Overall big thumbs up!


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