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Howdy, I'm Jim based in New York City.  Currently I don't have great conditions for HF being in a low floor apartment in the concrete jungle that is Manhattan.   You are most likely to find me on D-STAR (1C/30C) these days via my ZumSpot 3.5  setup. I am experimenting with HF using apartment compromise antenna's ( MFJ 1622  , CHA ECOM III Base and CHA Hybrid Micro ) so let's see how that goes!  I have just recently purchased the  IC-9700 & IC-7610  and have started to enjoy experimenting with picture mode on D-STAR.   HF is frustratingly hard (at least in the city) but I am going to push forward and try an magnetic loop antenna inside my apartment.  Currently have my eyes on a Ciro Mazzoni as I tried a MFJ super hi Q loop antenna and it did not work.            

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